Recording Your Continuing Education for ALTA

Start by signing into the CE App.

NOTE: You may experience issues with Internet Explorer. Please use another modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for the CE App website.

1. Click on “Record CE” in the menu and your Continuing Education Dashboard will be displayed.

2. To begin recording, click on the purple button that reads “+ Record New CE”

a. For CE events WITH a Certificate of Attendance, fill in the appropriate information on this form:

  • Course Name: (name of the event)
  • Sponsoring Organization:
  • Credits / Hours: (#)
  • Date Attended: (date of attendance)
  • On the right side of your screen, you will upload your certificate(s)
  • Click on “Add More Details”
  • You will be provided a blank text space. This space is OPTIONAL and may be used to record any notes you wish the CE committee to know about the event.
  • When complete, click “Record Now!”

b. To record an ALTA Approved Book or Video:

Notice the light blue box at the top of the screen that asks, “Using the ALTA Reflection Form?” Push “Click here” in blue text found in the light blue box.

  1. Fill in the appropriate information on this form:
    • Book / Video Title
    • Credits / Hours: (#)
    • Date Attended: (date of completion)
  2. Click on the blue box that reads, “Next: Reflection Page”
    • Click on the correct CE Format: Book or Video
  3. Select at least one of the available outcomes:
    • Basic language and/or learning disorders
    • Applied multisensory practice and methodology
    • Curricula in academic language therapy
    • Related research in medicine, psychology, education, linguistics
  4. Enter the presenter or author’s name
  5. Write a 100-word summary of the book or video describing how this activity changed your pedagogy

When completed, click “Record Now!”