Track CE for Other Organizational Users

Don’t Have a Group Account Yet?

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You’re an administrator at an organization within the CE App.

Here’s how you can track continuing education (CE/CME) for other users within your group

1. Sign in as the user

From the “User Admin” Page, find the user and click “Log In as User” in the menu. Learn how to do that here.

2. Go to the Track CE Page

Click on “Track CE” in the menu (the “CE” language may change depending on your profession).

You’ll then be able to view this user’s list of tracked education here. Click on any of them that you’d like to edit as well.

3. Track the CE

Click on the “+ Record CE” button to track a new certificate and/or educational details.

If you have Education Approval activated for your organization, you can also review and approve the CEs from your organizational users by clicking on any to edit.

If you are in our Organizational Elite tier, you can simply upload a certificate and we’ll fill in the details for you automatically (just allow time for processing – our team reviews these for accuracy).